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Middle Earth is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Consider making a tax deductible donation on our official website at

Why should I donate funding to Middle Earth?

Our community’s youth is on the verge of adulthood — Middle Earth can help steer them away from a path leading to risky and delinquent behavior, and instead guide them on a course towards becoming responsible adults that are productive in our community. Studies have proven that after-school and mentoring programs can foster better academic performance, improved social skills, increased self-confidence, and reduced risk taking.

In addition, Middle Earth has a strong track record. We have been helping youth for almost 40 years and we are still in business because we get results and we make a difference. Many of the young people we helped in the past are now our neighbors, co-workers or friends in Somerset County, New Jersey. Many work in local businesses, own homes, raise great children, pay taxes and volunteer in our community. It is because Middle Earth helped them believe they are capable of achieving high goals and that the horizon of their future is endless.

How much of the funding I donate will actually go to helping kids?

Middle Earth maintains a very low administrative overhead cost of only 10%, which allows the agency to maximize the amount of monies directed to our programs and the youth that we serve. This means that for every dollar you donate, ninety cents will directly fund the programs that impact hundreds of lives. Middle Earth manages an annual budget of approximately $1.2 million. Our funding is very diversified and includes government, corporations, foundations, individuals, churches, and special events.

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