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3 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Chuck Winfree says:

    I am doing an essay on character building and although I am also using I am also using Drew Bledsoe’s parents training video series “Parenting With Dignity Class” which is an awesome class. I also used another character building visual website that dealt with rewarding expected behavior in comparison to not rewarding in some cases.
    However, after advancing my search to teenagers even further, I was so fortunate to locate your even more awesome and well put together visual and a significantly greater and broader range of today’s teenage issues that a lot of us never encountered before when a lot of us were that age.
    I will of course cite your website in proper fashion and give you and your staff total credit and suggest that others visit your website ,and in case my essay does not get published, I will recommend your website to parents of all ages to visit your website, as I work in the sports and recreation career field and have so for many decades and have exposure to these parents and kids. Thanks so much for this wonderfully done website. Chuck Winfree. chuckwinfree@ymail,com. 910-726-7227

  2. Travis says:

    I’ve started following your blog and have found the information very valuable. I work for the Chelan Teen Center in Washington state and would like to syndicate your posts on our site and Facebook page. Would this be ok with you? How could I best credit your organization to show our appreciation?

    • Hi Travis,
      I am so pleased that you have found our information valuable! We also run a teen program in New Jersey, and it is our intent to educate parents, teachers and other adults about teen issues in the hopes of preventing risky behaviors. We would be delighted for you to use any articles on our blog that you feel could help others. If you could just provide the link back to our blog, or indicate it came from Middle Earth in Somerset County, New Jersey, that would be wonderful. We wish you the best of luck in your endeavors to help teens!

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